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Love came as it often does, bearing sunshine smiles and fragrant flowers.


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Imagine your OTP at meeting for the first time at a party through mutual friends. Their eyes meet, and as the music pumps through their cores, they find each other eye to eye. Person A, who is taller than the other smirks and looks down at Person B. They talk for a while, and Person B ends up going home with Person A. They share a night of passion, and love making. (Bonus if there’s teasing and touching on the car ride home.)

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thekaiserreborn whispered:
Ken narrowed his eyes, approaching the trespassing female. "Who the fuck are you? How dare you come in to my domain!"



The harsh language caught the girl off guard, Her eyes lifted to the boy, surprised, having only risen up from the time-space portal that had pulled her from Enterra to this plane. “My name is Yakumo.” She spoke out to him, her tone softer, kinder. “I don’t know where I am, I didn’t mean to intrude. Can you tell me where this is?”


What kind of idiot was she? He shook his head in irritation, not quite caring enough about her incompetent intrusion to destroy her yet.

"You’re in the Digital World, my Digital World, and unless you intend to cause trouble like all the rest I suggest you leave before I change my mind and crush you.”

If anything, this Yakumo’s appearance was a little unnerving. Ken knew of every Digidestined, and she was not among their number. She should never have been able to get here.

"…I don’t know where you came from, but you should go back there, now.”

"The Digital World?" She gaped a bit, glancing around, It must have been a different part, unfamiliar to her entirely, void of the grass knolls and clear blue sky. No, things here seemed…Darker, bleaker. It almost unsettled the girl, but not as much as his next few words. 

Your Digital World? You created this place… Crush me? But I’m nothing but lost, I mean no harm.” Her voice turned almost a fraction sharper at the threats, all too familiar with such words holding truth to them.

But fear still clung to her features as she took a half step back from the boy.  

"I wouldn’t know how…The portal I fell into disappeared after I came here. I don’t know how to get back. Please, if you can just help me, or allow me on my way, I won’t bother you."


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