Paul Johnson Photography // x


lamp from the interior’s section of Victoria Maiden


Mushrambo and Yakumo by Mugen-Kiotuki


I was gonna post all my Shinzo fanarts at once but this seems more fun. This was for Snowy


I painted this Sago picture yesterday~! The blue of his shirt got ruined (lost) when I scanned it but it’s all good.


Angel of hope - Yakumo updated by Mogwai1988

Not sure if I already shared this here, but this is an old fanpiece that was part of my revamped ‘Angels of light’ project.
Which in turn was a plotbunny in an old crossover fanfic I wrote.

Still love this piece even after all this time. Especially the background.


(Before I turn it into a valentine, please take the time to enjoy this beautiful. sparkling image of Mushra’s Hyper Form)


I scanned on Ryuma! The purple in the cape was lost in the scan. I hope you like it amtrakofficial!